The Gypsy Machine

A year after her sister Natalie's disappearance, Molly and her boyfriend Graham arrive at her last known location -- a creepy apartment filled with strangely realistic mannequins, including one that looks suspiciously like Natalie. The apartment is inhabited by the mysterious Patrick, whose intuition borders on the supernatural. As the night wears on, Molly is forced to face some terrifying realities... and begins to question who she can really trust.

Performed in “haunted” living rooms across L.A. (including Jim Morrison’s Laurel Canyon mansion, Charlie Chaplin’s house in Beverly Hills, and Dr. Horrible’s lab), The Gypsy Machine is a psychological thriller with a twist.

Production History
Epsilon Theater 2015 (L.A.)
Cartel Collaborative Artists Living Room Tour 2013 (L.A.)

Excerpt (PDF)