Shine Darkly, Illyria

Shine Darkly, Illyria picks up where Shakespeare's Twelfth Night leaves off. Now that everyone's conveniently married off... what happens? The play focuses on the complex relationships between Olivia, Viola, Orsino, Sebastian, Mariah, and Sir Toby Belch against the backdrop of a wholly original Illyria. The Illyrians live in the moment, worshiping the Moon (a beautiful girl on a pole, spinning around and around) at their nightly moonparties. When the Moon summons the Countess Olivia for a dire prediction about Illyria's future, Olivia's too strung out on moondust to give the warning much thought. As the storms intensify and the island's fate appears more and more precarious, the Illyrians have a choice: evolve or die.

Development History
Workshop, Fugitive Kind Theater — 2016 // Dir. Amanda McRaven

Gallery // Photo credit: Amanda McRaven