The Pliant Girls

Winner of the Ovation Award for Playwriting for an Original Play

The Pliant Girls at the Colony Theater. Cinematography by Mike Gan.

Help us, save us, please! Fifty blood-stained brides seek refuge after murdering their husbands on their wedding night, but no one's eager to take them in. As Kay, Leta, Arianna, Courtney, and Philomena beg for their lives, their stories form a complex tapestry of contemporary sisterhood... and provide insight into the deaths of the men who stood in their way.

In turns heartbreaking and hilarious, this feminist retelling of Aeschylus's The Suppliants is a haunting exploration of love, sexual politics, and the power of redemption.

Production History
Grate Artists Productions in association with Fugitive Kind Theater — 2015 // Dir. Amanda McRaven
Fugitive Kind Theater — 2014 // Dir. Amanda McRaven // Production nominated for 8 Ovation Awards, winner of Playwriting for an Original Play (Meghan Brown) and Directing (Amanda McRaven)

Excerpt (PDF)

Gallery // Photo credit: Amanda McRaven