This Is Happening Now

Published by Montag Press

At once funny, poetic, and achingly human, Meghan Brown's characters navigate worlds both surreal and prosaic in these four one-act plays. In this collection, two would-be lovers find themselves caught in an endless loop of things left unsaid, a young girl on the cusp of adulthood stays stubbornly human as the rest of her small town turns animal, a furious Ophelia is reunited with Hamlet after 800 years in a Purgatory aquarium, and a clairvoyant dreamer explores the limitations of her own future.

This collection includes Jack's Last Night in Town, Birds, Ophelia, and This Is Happening Now.

Production History
Two Cents Theater 2014 (L.A.)
Barnyard Theater 2011 (Davis, CA)
Giraffe Hunt Theater 2010 (L.A.)

Excerpt (PDFs): Birds & Ophelia

Full script available for purchase on Amazon


“It completely blew me away. Over the course of this book, I found myself laughing (in public), crying (also in public), and now I want to read ALL THE PLAYS. Really fantastic work, enough to get me excited about a medium I'd long ago forgotten about.”—MariNaomi

“Lyrical, accessible, and visceral. She is, quite frankly, one of the greats. We just don't know it yet. Start paying attention now.”—Amazon review, Jim Senti

“Evocative, clever, wonderful pieces that reward your attention and your sense of sentiment, from a very talented emerging playwright.”—Amazon review, Brendan Getzell

“[Birds] is the perfect play, for I could both imagine it and feel it happening as I read it, as surreal as it was. No stranger to the bard, I’ve seen or read all his plays and most adaptations. But this Ophelia? Lovely, intriguing, and truly in the spirit of Shakespeare himself, a classic look at humanity. It’s at once obsessive, freeing, and a new take on a very old story. Brava to Brown for penning such an imaginative, extraordinary play.”—Amazon review, Jessica Voigts